Visibility and Metrics

From the deep view of production data from one line to the centralized view of availability and OEE of various industrial plants and machines

Real-time visibility and performance metrics for entire lines and factories, all through an intelligent, secure and scalable platform.

The value of fast, consistent and first-hand information


  • Creates a global view of various plants and machines that consolidates performance metrics allowing a centralized view of asset availability and OEE.

  • Real-time analysis of the shop floor allowing changes in operational behavior and performance evaluation.

  • Real-time access to production data for suppliers and customers.


  • Deep access to real-time production data from anywhere on the shop floor.

  • Compare production history and optimize performance.

  • Analyzes historical production data and unscheduled downtime to determine opportunities for process improvements.

Corporate IT:

  • Unique and complete data platform for entire factories allowing IT to quickly take actions that deliver operational impacts.

  • Self-service for simple upgrades and customizations

  • No retrofits required, integrating into existing systems

Highlights Application Visibility and Metrics

Global Operations Views:

Real-time visualization of industrial lines and production of your entire plant, all at the corporate level


Consistent performance metrics for factories and assets throughout the company’s infrastructure.

Data Visualization

Contextualized data repositories, linking machine and asset data with industrial operations, thus providing an integrated view of your processes.

Productivity Application:

Turnkey platform (end-to-end solution) for increasing OEE and production, including features such as machine stoppage analysis, line bottlenecks and asset failures.

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