Use Cases

Crave Platform

Designed to solve the industry’s biggest challenges

The only platform that automatically combines process data, materials and quality. Find the right answers quickly with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Enjoy this other level of operation.

roteiro para indústria 4.0



Increase OEE, production and availability management of industrial lines

Pulp and paper industry improves productivity

Crave Platform’s heat map correlation tool allows engineers to quickly identify hidden relationships between production parameters and quality problems



Get first-hand information, reduce waste and identify root causes of quality problems

Reducing scrap and rework in the industry

Crave Platform helps industry leader to cut waste and rework costs by 3% in 3 months


Real-time visibility for your company’s entire machine, line and plant

industria 4.0 segmento automotivo

Improving quality in the automotive industry

Crave Platform helps increase quality for an automotive leader through its root cause multi-variable analysis tools and real-time alerts when “non-normal” behaviors are detected