Crave Platform

Are you ready for the digital transformation?

The Crave Platform enables industries to gain real-time visibility as KPIs, predictions, and insights into any kind of process and operation in real-time. Our platform offers an end-to-end solution, from collection, storage and refinement to data availability and contextualization, creating a digital manufacturing environment.

Exploring Your Data

We collect your data in any source and format. Our challenge is to increase the exploitation of the full variety of data from the factory floor

Packaging & Refining Your Big-Data

Our architecture automatically receives the data and contextualizes them in a personalized way to your industrial process. Our solution refines your Big-Data through our AI algorithms.

At this stage pre-processing is done. After extraction, it is necessary to translate the raw data, group them and package them for input APIs.

Improving Your Decision-Making

We offer a modular and intuitive dashboard. Create new reports and KPIs analysis, visualize your processes on digital displays and receive predictive notes and alerts. Monitor your operation on real time!

Are you ready for digital transformation?