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Unique data analysis and artificial intelligence platform for the industrial environment allowing real-time visibility and obtaining actionable insights for machines, lines and factories.



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1. Collecting Data

Connect and normalize the huge variety of data from a shop floor and submit to the Crave Platform Data Pipeline.

API – Input Data

Your data is completely imported from any bank with VPN access or hosted in the Cloud. In this scenario, the integration of Crave Platform and its sources of information will be extremely fast. All this is done remotely and quickly.

Connect your sources

Collect data from virtually any source.

  • Historians (OSISoft PI)
  • Plcs
  • Supervisory System (SCADA)
  • Quality Systems
  • Database (SQL)
  • Month
  • ERP
  • Logs

Data transmission and buffer

Add minimal data pre-identification contexts and securely transmit your data to the cloud. Also rely on a buffer for essential transmission management in cases of connection instability and bandwidth throttling.

2. Data Analysis

Automatically prepares and contextualizes process, material and quality data. A digital environment is created, configured to faithfully portray its industrial production. Next, machine learning algorithms and advanced data analysis are applied to act on issues such as process abnormalities and generate insights into strategic operational actions.

Data Pipeline

Convert unstructured and cluttered data into contextualized data in real time.  The Data Pipeline is customizable through the web application of parameterization and environment’s configuration.

Web application of parameterization and configuration of environment

Complete control of the manipulation of your data, through the intuitive interface for parameterization of actions and enrichment of data with contextualization. Organize flows, enter parameters used in the production scenario, and provide information, access, and visualizations for all user levels.

Overview through a platform

Create a faithful replica of your assets, production lines, products, and processes.

Digital Twin

  • Corporation
  • Factory
  • Area/Line
  • Machine/Active
  • Product
  • Cycle Time
  • Defect
  • Boatload
  • Machine Stops

Advanced Analytics

Real time data supports better practices in terms of quality control, engineering diagnostics and metrics monitoring.

Analytics tools

Begin working with new reports, analysis and dashboards that displays correlation, distributions and root causes in real time

  • Root-causes
  • Optimization
  • Predictive
  • Statistical Process Control
  • KPIs

3. Take Actions

Analyzed data is used, providing real-time visibility and actionable insights for machines and production lines in your factory. Crave Platform presents the right information to the right person.

API – Output Dados

Seus dados são completamente exportados através de acesso direto através de interfaces ODBC ou HTTP APIs. Isto permite integrar seus dados contextualizados com ferramentas de BI e relatórios.

Industrial director

Standardized KPIs and metrics to compare plants and divisions and identify problems and best practices.

Plant manager

Real-time visibility of all machines on the shop floor for immediate decision making.

Machine / Line Operators

Information from sensors, setpoints and actuators in addition to KPIs and metrics indicators for the line or machine.

Data Scientist

Access to clean, standardized and contextualized data, available for safe and quick consultation and manipulation.

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