Data Collection and Transmission

Intelligent data collection to accelerate your process scanning capabilities

Crave Gateway enables industries to quickly connect from small machines and assets to complex systems and thereby expand the scanning capabilities of the company as a whole

  • Rapid integration and expansion of scanning capabilities through the possibility of data ingestion in multi-protocols and dedicated solutions

  • Low cost to scale scanning capabilities

  • High data integrity, mitigating ground-of-shop connectivity challenges leading to disruptive discoveries.

  • Architectural flexibility due to the range of available connectors and local buffer technologies, avoiding information loss

Crave Gateway.

Collects, transforms and transmits shop floor data

Discover the full value of your shop floor data with solutions that are easy and quick to implement.

Collect -> Transmits

Data collection from virtually any source of information:

  • Data collection from any PLC or OPC Server from your factory.
  • Data collection of management systems such as MES, historians such as OSI SoftPI, quality systems, ERP and other industrial systems

Secure Transmission to the Cloud:

  • Encrypts data for transmission
  • Mitigates any connectivity issues

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