Complementary applications, developed specifically to meet the high requirements of an industrial environment.

Customization and dynamism to meet exactly your needs, all through an application that gives you the freedom of customization, easy and intuitive.

Applications that perfectly fill the gaps between the information generated from data and the real action taken

Customize Alerts and Notifications:

  • On-demand notifications and alerts customized to your needs:

    • Promote continuous improvement through statistical process control;

    • Anticipate failures, waste and rework and set up alerts for prediction algorithms;

    • Cyclically monitor the current status of the entire process;
      Receive real-time alerts notifying the opening of calls and / or filling in relevant forms.

    • Set it all up and choose one or more communication channels available on the Crave Platform: Push Notifications (CraveApp Mobile App), E-mail, WhatsApp, SMS

Complete Platform Management

  • Configure your data pipeline, from the most basic information of contextualizations to the most specific of your process;

  • Create and manage profiles and users according to your needs;

  • Build sections, menus, sub-menus for each user profile;

  • Build dashboard views and data tables and make them available to the right people;

Digital Forms

  • Collect information from your sources as digitized as possible, replace the data collection of filling out conventional forms with digital forms and immediately use this information for your analysis and correlations;

  • Build any and all forms with customization options from the most conventional to dependent question options, uploading photos and files.

Time and production notes highly correlated with process data

  • Correlate the data of your sensors, actuators and process parameters with information provided by employees on the production line. Collect the information through our notes application, which automatically generates “cards” for each machine stop detected through data or, simply use your current notes system and extract value from your data with Crave Platform. Do the same for pointing out production waste;

Highlights Additional Applications

Model your data and completely customize your application


Manage how your data is contextualized and faithfully transformed by portraying reality on the shop floor. Add meaning to your data and then make resources available to your employees.

Watch how part of the registrations that will be used to contextualize data and define data hierarchy and platform usability is performed. In addition to standard entries such as area, machines, products and shifts, the platform provides a resource for uploading spreadsheets designed to contextualize data in the pipeline.

Digital Forms


Work with assertive data, get data first hand and without noise. Instantly correlate them with other relevant sources in your production process.

Watch how easy it is to create digital forms and their questions with all possible configurations. Then watch the simulation of employees answering these forms and viewing the information provided in table-type views.

Creating and Customizing Tables


With the data fully available, contextualized and correlated, set up the tables and customize in a way that will bring greater visibility and operational gains.

Watch how simple it is to access your data through the Crave Platform and customize your view in the way that will bring the most returns in terms of team and people productivity.

Notes application


Through industrial asset data, the platform offers an exclusive application for Line Operators to record production and stops and automatically correlate this information with data from the manufacturing process.

Watch a brief demonstration of what the operating cockpit of a given production line looks like, and also see how simple it is to customize it.

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