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How is the data collected and consolidated on the Crave Platform?

The process of data collection takes place in three stages:

  1. Acquisition of data from any source throughout the industrial operation.
  2. The data is transformed into the required API formats.
  3. Data upload is performed to a management module in a local cluster or on the cloud.

How is the data collection process managed? Does Crave Industry need to install any physical hardware on the shop floor?

There are several options for setting up data:

Data can be collected and sent directly to the cloud: This option is recommended when data is available, authorized and the industry needs to access the data in real time.

A central plant gateway communicates directly with the machines, providing moderate accessibility of data in real time.

The data can also pass through a local application for data collection. It is installed alongside edge devices for collection and pre-processing, providing a real-time view of machine performance operations. In this option, product updates and purchase of new KPIs will require a local change-request.

What preparation is needed before implementing the Crave Platform?

Getting started with the Crave Platform is simple and does not require a great deal of time or human resources. We start by working with you to:

Identify a potential list of projects.

Understand the data sources with which we will work, including machines, databases and systems, processes and human activities will be digitized.

Confirm KPIs and specific information that stakeholders are interested in – executives, operations managers, and quality control and maintenance manager.

What resources are needed to manage a project?

Customer resources usually include a manufacturing point of contact and an IT contact point. Their responsibilities are mainly during the integration and only to facilitate the solution of problems. Crave Industry provides a support team, an automation engineer, and a software engineer. While other features of Crave Industry can be triggered during implementation, once the system is up and running, these are your primary points of contact for business and technical issues.

Does the Crave Platform require downtime from the shop floor to integration?

No. The integration of the Crave Platform is performed in parallel with the control systems and MES platforms, so it can be done without interruption to the shop floor operations.

What is the project schedule, from start to finish?

Our goal is to get the Crave Platform up and running so you can get access to the shop floor as fast as possible. Although the complexity of the project may vary, our initial deployment goal is usually 60 days after the kick off.


Does the Crave Platform support multiple data sources?

The Crave Platform is an open platform for data collection. The data sources supported by our infrastructure are: PLCs, inspection systems, maintenance systems, quality equipment, Excel spreadsheets, local data historians/OPC Historical Data Access (HDA), MES, ERPs and digitization of operations. The platform’s plug-in architecture that allows the development of custom adapters to fit additional data sources / formats, ensuring that all necessary information can be collected with accurate cleaning.

Is it possible to manage all of our data locally or do we need to use the cloud?

We understand that private information protection is a top priority for most industries. The Crave Platform offers customers the option of configuring their platform to run on a private cloud. In addition, the solution offers and maintains a provisioned virtual private cloud to provide additional security.

What types of KPIs are supported by the Crave Platform?

The Crave Platform offers a variety of KPIs, including uptime, OEE, performance, quality, maintenance, major defect types, major reasons for uptime/downtime, average cycle time, deficiency notes, and inter-shift performance.

What visualizations does the Crave Platform offer that I haven't access today?

By collecting, sorting, and understanding previously unseen data, Crave Platform helps you get a faster, more accurate view of root cause analysis, statistical process control, anomaly detection, and other process and time-related issues. Although data collection is a necessary step, generating and storing data is not enough to create information. In order to transform data into information it is necessary to treat them, often this must consider statistical techniques and specific knowledge for that database to become a recognition of patterns and trends. For this, applications of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence make up the architecture of the solution providing in an intuitive dashboard, high analyzes at a level of higher and more assertive complexity.

Does the Crave Platform provide alerts when specific criteria are met/accuse nonconformity?

Yes. The Crave Platform alert functionality provides configuration tolerances for pre-specified measurements of machine data.

How quickly can data be collected and consolidated into digestible information for facility managers to review?

The Crave Platform is engineered to manipulate data at the speed you need. The platform is designed to provide real-time feedback. So, the operations managers can identify and address any inefficiencies on every shop floor as soon as they occur. With the edge-processed update with sub-second response times and aggregated KPIs in microbands at predefined time, information can be consolidated and ready for analysis quickly.

Support & Security

Do we need to develop any custom software to collect data from shop floor systems in order to work with the Sight Machine platform?

No. There are no requirements for custom software. Unlike other IoT platforms, a Crave Platform is a complete solution that runs on existing systems and software.

What happens to data collection, processing, and access when the Internet service is in a latency state or does not work?

When Internet service for an industry is disrupted, the Crave Platform continues to collect and store data remotely. After the connection is restored, the panels will be updated. Any cycle or on-site loop/loop functionality will continue to function, even without cloud connectivity.

What is TI's role in Crave Platform after the deployment?

The Crave Platform has low IT demand. Post-deployment support is only maintaining network connectivity to devices, and accessing new data sources that require integration.

How does the Crave Platform keep my data secure?

Data security is a priority for Crave Platform, we understand that security is one of the concerns for our customers. To do so, our architecture is composed of authentication, authorization and encryption pillars which ensure that all data collected from the shop floor are and remain private, including:

  1. All endpoints are on a secure VPN
  2. All changes within the web interface are recorded to create an audit trail
  3. Password and authentication management can be done to comply with your IT policies to ensure consistency and avoid additional work for your IT staff.

Who owns the data collected on Crave Industry systems?

You own all the data. If, for any reason, you stop working with the Crave Platform, you can export all your data and we will no longer have access to any information of your company.

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