Now you can solve the daily pressures of a factory…

Minimize scrap and rework

Reduce unscheduled stops

Identify root causes of problems

industria 4.0 segmento automotivo

with hidden evidence within your production data, you can…

Implement predictive maintenance

Identifying assets, machines, and robots that can lead to unscheduled downtime

Take actions with assertiveness

Standardized production data enables rapid detection and analysis of root causes

Ganhar total controle e visibilidade em parâmetros de qualidade

Integrar dados de processo, qualidade e materiais permite rastrear e minimizar refugos

Unimaginable results

Practicing predictive maintenance on assets and robots

Crave Platform automatically sorts all relevant parameters that have undergone large variations hours and even days before machine break events. In addition to showing the probable causes that led to equipment breakage, the platform recommends preventive measures avoiding recurrences.

All this without manual data inputs or time-consuming meticulous methods of manual analysis.

analise avançada de dados para industria: análise de series temporais

Avoiding defects and rework

Crave Platform identifies materials in production that will pass quality tests, with the seal of approval, and those that failed during testing. Thus you can understand what causes the material to fail quality tests, and set control limits avoiding recurrences.

Laborious and time-consuming analysis is transformed into fast, direct viewing minutes.

analise avançada de dados para industria: controle estatístico de processo detalhes

Overcoming problems in its causes

Crave Platform creates contexts such as part number, or part-number to correlate parameters and identify root causes.

No specific knowledge of data analysis is required, the platform is dynamic and presents the visualization in the specified format and context.

Laborious and time-consuming analysis is transformed and minutes of quick and direct viewing.

analise avançada de dados para industria: análise de ajuste de curva

See how Crave Platform enables predictive maintenance

Use story data, trends, and specific algorithms to proactively manage unscheduled machine and asset outages.

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